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Cathy Gillen Thacker
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Monday, June 25 2012

Dear Reader,

Crisis—in the form of illness—eventually strikes every family, and Texans Matt Briscoe and his father, Emmett Briscoe, are no exception. Matt’s mother’s death profoundly affected Matt, and his dad. Although, they sought very different remedies for their broken hearts…

Since then, Matt has tried to control everything he can in life. He goes the extra mile to protect his vulnerable father.

Matt’s dad, always something of a risk-taker, and a very loving, if egocentric man, has tried another approach. Constantly seeking to replace the passion he lost, Emmett has married multiple times, to disastrous result. And now, much to Matt’s consternation, Emmett is at it again.

Enter bronze sculptor Jen Carson. She, too, lost her mom, and dealt with the fallout from her father’s crushed dreams. Now, she takes nothing for granted, and tries to control nothing except her own reaction to things.

There’s only one problem with that. Jen can’t seem to quash her fast-rising reaction to sexy, fabulously wealthy rancher Matt Briscoe. Nor he to hers. Neither Jen nor Matt put their trust in the future, or dare hope that passion will last more than the moment they are in. And yet, the kind of love that can last has a way of entering the picture after all. The only question is, dare they risk all for the happiness that has always seemed just out of their reach?

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Cathy Gillen Thacker

The Texas Rancher's Vow


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