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Cathy Gillen Thacker
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Series Guide

In LOCKHARTS LOST & FOUND, four sisters and four brothers were tragically orphaned and split up. Robert and Carol Lockhart brought them all back together, and foster-adopted them in Laramie, Texas. Now grown up, the eight siblings want love and family for themselves.

TEXAS LEGENDS: THE MCCABES is a six book series, featuring the five sons and one daughter of Frank and Rachel McCabe. Love of home and family brings them all back to their beloved Laramie County. Wildly romantic love entices them to stay …

It’s back to Laramie, Texas, for a five part series about a brand new branch of the Lockhart family.

McCabe Multiples Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

There's estrogen aplenty in the family sired by Drs. Jackson and Lacey Buchanon-McCabe, from DOCTOR COWBOY. Now all six of their daughters—twins Magnolia and Calla—triplets Rose, Lily, and Violet—and single birthed Poppy—are determined to raise families of their own.

McCabe Homecoming American Romance Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Josie and Wade McCabe met and fell in love in WILDCAT COWBOY. Years later, they have five strapping sons. The eldest, Grady, is a Fort Worth developer. He found his perfect mate—professional matchmaker Alexis Graham—in MOMMY FOR HIRE. His four brothers are about to find their true loves, and the satisfying home lives they’ve longed for, in a new series, MCCABE HOMECOMING.

Legends of Laramie County American Romance Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Readers can't get enough of Laramie County, Texas, and neither can I. So I am introducing four new fabulous ranching families—the Cartwrights, the Briscoes, the Armstrongs, and the Monroes in this brand new series.

Texas Legacies The McCabes American Romance Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

TEXAS LEGACIES:THE MCCABES centers around the offspring of Greta and Shane McCabe, from A COWBOY’S WOMAN. THE once-wild couple have a thriving marriage and an enduring love, and now they want their four grown-children to enjoy the same.

Lone Star Dads Club American Romance Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

It’s back to Texas for THE LONE STAR DAD’S CLUB SERIES, this time in Fort Worth. Grady McCabe, Dan Kingsland, Travis Carson, Jack Gaines, and Nate Hutchinson are all prominent businessmen, as well as best friends. They help each other out personally and professionally, unofficially and frequently offering each other counsel and support and much-needed perspective.

Made in Texas American Romance Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Readers always ask me how I get my ideas, and the origins of the series, MADE IN TEXAS: FAMILIES OF THE LONE STAR STATE, can be found in two things. The breath-taking, rugged beauty of the Trans-Pecos region of Southwest Texas, and my continuing fascination with families.

Texas Legacies The Carrigans American Romance Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

TEXAS LEGACIES: THE CARRIGANS is a spin-off series featuring Meg Lockhart and Luke Carrigan, from THE BRIDE SAID, “SURPRISE!” Texans Meg and Luke didn’t plan to become involved in their offspring’s romantic lives, but after years of watching their three daughters and one son lose in love, Luke has decided to become more proactive, and Meg is reluctantly putting in her two cents, as well.

The McCabes Next Generation American Romance Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

I often fall in love with some of the characters I create. Never more so than in TEXAS VOWS:A MCCABE FAMILY SAGA, a special single-title novel that introduced Sam McCabe, and his five motherless sons. Sam’s family is a wreck and Sam is at his wit’s end, until grief counselor and old family friend Kate Marten moves in to show them they can live happily and love again, even in the wake of tremendous loss. The subsequent series, THE MCCABES: NEXT GENERATION takes up with the family again, years later, when Kate and Sam’s five sons, and one daughter, are all grown up, and are all, in their own way, looking for the kind of love and happiness that Kate and Sam share.

The Lockharts of Texas American Romance Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

I envisioned THE LOCKHARTS OF TEXAS, a series about four orphaned sisters who have grown up to be strong, fiercely independent Texas women, as the female answer to the original McCabe men.

The McCabes of Texas American Romance Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

THE MCCABES OF TEXAS is the series that started it all. Set in the fictional small town of Laramie, Texas, the books depict the love stories of the four very sexy and very different sons of John and Lilah McCabe.

The Brides of Holly Springs American Romance Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

THE BRIDES OF HOLLY SPRINGS introduces Helen Hart, the proprietress of The Wedding Inn in picturesque North Carolina. Helen was lucky enough to marry her true love and have six children with him. When her husband died, she went on to rear her family alone. They’ve all grown up now, but…because of the loss they suffered… are averse to taking risks when it comes to falling in love. It’s up to Helen, to help them change their ways. (To answer a frequently asked question, five of their stories are written. Only Sheriff Mac Hart is still waiting for a book of his very own… Maybe one day….)

The Deveraux Legacy American Romance Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

THE DEVERAUX LEGACY is set in beautiful and historic Charleston, South Carolina. The books follow the fortunes of the Deveraux family. Grace and Tom Deveraux divorced years ago—for reasons known only to them. Both have regrets, as well as a deep and abiding love for each other, and they worry their own foolhardy actions have permanently affected their children. More than anything, Grace and Tom want their kids to avoid making their mistakes. (Grace and Tom’s love story is further explored in the single title, THE HEIRESS.)

Brides Babies and Blizzards American Romance Book Series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Three romantic comedies in the BRIDES, BABIES AND BLIZZARDS series answers the question: What if a runaway bride, a schoolteacher on a fieldtrip and a young mother with her baby got stranded by a snowstorm, at the worst possible times, in the best possible places, with the men of their dreams?

Wild West Weddings series by Cathy Gillen Thacker

WILD WEST WEDDINGS features the Montana-born McKendricks family. Beloved Uncle Max wants to make sure his niece, two nephews, and beloved attorney-protégé all find love. So he ties their inheritances to 48 hour marriages…

Cathy Gillen Thacker is the bestselling author of witty romantic comedies and warm, family stories whose books are published in 17 languages and 35 countries.