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cathy gillen thacker
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Snowbound Bride by Cathy Gillen Thacker


Not only was Nora Hart Kingsley stranded in a blizzard, but she was stuck in her wedding gown! And she was attracting the attention of the far-too-good-looking lawman at the country roadside rest stop.

Nora blew in to Sheriff Sam Whittaker's county—and into his life—with the same gale force of the swirling snowstorm…and as surely took his breath away. Now it looked as though he and Nora would be holed up for the duration. Only, Sam aimed to convince her to stay with him for good. But first he'd have to get her out of that dress.



Ryan McCoy stirred up a heap of trouble when he told the town he had a fiancée—which he didn't So when seven giggling girls and their knockout teacher showed up on his doorstp seeking shelter from the storm, Ryan not only found his bride-to-be, but a ready-made family to ride out the blizzard.

Grace Tennessen went along with the fake engagement—she hardly had to pretend to be attracted to the man. But later, surrounded by seven ogling bridesmaids and Ryan's arms, Grace got nervous. Ryan said "I do"—and sounded as if he meant it for good!


Snow Baby by Cathy Gillen Thacker



It had been a long time since single dad Edmund Fairfax had held a baby—or woman for that matter. Now he wanted nothing more than to have Emily Bancroft and her child complete his family. And it seemed fate, in cahoots with Old Man Winter, did, too.

As the blizzard blew outside, Emiily cradled her son close to her heart. Alone, she'd lose custody of him. Then Edmund offered her hope when he said, "Marry me." Good and kind, handsome to boot, he would make any woman the perfect husband. But the one way Emily could repay his gallant gesture was to make sure they never consumated the marriage.