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Cathy Gillen Thacker
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The Deveraux Legacy
The Deveraux Legacy

Steeped in southern tradition, the Deveraux family legacy is generations old and about to be put to the test in historic Charleston, South Carolina!

Book 1 of 6
Her Bachelor Challenge


Left hand, ring finger…. Best friend Bridgett Owens’s gigantic diamond winked at the eldest Deveraux son, Chase, like a coy madam at an old-time bordello. The fun-loving playboy of Charleston, South Carolina, wasn’t supposed to go gaga over the grown-up daughter of the family housekeeper. Except welling up in the bachelor’s brain were protective, intimate feelings that he just couldn’t—didn’t want to—discount. But can a man who’s definitely not the marrying kind turn into a (gasp) committed groom to be… especially when nothing but bad luck has burnished his romantic record?


Book 2 of 6
His Marriage Bonus


High-powered shipping executive Mitch Deveraux, Charleston, South Carolina’s most eligible—and handsome—bachelor, was more interested in the status of his shipping company than in matters of the heart. But when the chief business rival of the Deveraux family offered his lovely daughter’s hand in marriage as bait for a merger—everything changed. There was a time when Mitch would have done anything to unite the two companies. Only, now he wasn’t so sure. Because passionate kisses, sensual caresses and waking up next to Lauren Heyward would have any man running straight to the altar for real. Could this playboy’s much-guarded heart be in danger of a hostile takeover…?


Book 3 of 6
My Secret Wife


Dr. Gabe Deveraux hated to see any woman cry—especially his good friend Maggie Calloway. So when the feisty designer turned to him with tears in her eyes, needing a strong shoulder to cry on, there was no way the good doctor would turn her away. The cause of her distress: Maggie wanted to have a baby before it was too late! Ever the knight in shining armor, Gabe agreed to help Maggie get pregnant. Only, he had one stipulation—they marry in secret…and conceive the old-fashioned way. But soon toe-curling kisses and long nights spent in each other’s arms forced Gave to admit the truth—he’d secretly loved Maggie for years. Was it too late to make their in-name-only agreement on-so-real?


Book 4 of 6
Their Instant Baby


Amy Deveraux’s biological clock was tick…tick…ticking. To make matters even worse, she had agreed to look after her three-month-old godson while his mother was out of the country. Except, sharing the baby-sitting responsibilities with Nick Everton—the baby’s handsome uncle—wasn’t part of the bargain! She and Nick were as different as night and day. But seeing Nick in the role of temporary daddy and spending long days—and nights—playing house with him made Amy yearn to turn their situation into something more permanent. Could Amy and their instant baby convince Nick that his bachelor days were numbered…?


Book 5 of 6
The Heiress


Jack Granger, counselor to the Deveraux shipping empire and totally devoted to the senior Deveraux, has been shadowing the love child of his mentor for nearly a decade. Granger had watched Daisy grow up from a petulant rich girl into a driven young woman with a mission to find her roots—a quest he had long prevented her from ever accomplishing...harboring his desire for her all the while.

Both were outcasts searching for redemption and truth in an unforgiving world of wealth and deception. Instead, they found each other...without pretense or promises. But at what cost would they seek the future?


Book 6 of 6
Taking Over The Tycoon


Mixing business and pleasure was out of the question for Connor Templeton. Except with Kristy Neumeyer, he was reassessing his options. The spirited widow of twin little girls had her hands full with a ramshackle waterfront resort. But for some reason, Connor, the real-estate raider, was helping her restore the building instead of bulldozing it! Could the take-no-prisoners tycoon be assuming the role of chairman of Kristy’s family? More important, were Kristy and her girls preparing for a hostile takeover of Connor’s bankrupt heart…?


Who's Who in the Deveraux Family?

Cathy Gillen Thacker is the bestselling author of witty romantic comedies and warm, family stories whose books are published in 17 languages and 35 countries.