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Cathy Gillen Thacker
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Texas Legacies: The Carrigans
Texas Legacies: The Carrigans

TEXAS LEGACIES: THE CARRIGANS is a spin-off series featuring Meg Lockhart and Luke Carrigan, from THE BRIDE SAID, “SURPRISE!” Texans Meg and Luke didn’t plan to become involved in their offspring’s romantic lives, but after years of watching their three daughters and one son lose in love, Luke has decided to become more proactive, and Meg is reluctantly putting in her two cents, as well.

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The Rancher Next Door


Rebecca Carrigan is determined to run an alpaca ranch in the middle of Texas cattle country, and succeed on her own! What she doesn't count on is constant interference from Trevor McCabe, the bossy rancher next door. Rebecca figures his nose is out of joint because she's bought the property out from under him. And because she's friendly with Vince Owen, Trevor's archrival from college.

Trevor knows Vince has ulterior motives for spending time with Rebecca. He won't let his beautiful neighbor or the ranch she's worked so hard for be hurt by the vindictive Vince. The problem is convincing Rebecca that Trevor's on her side and not because he's been influenced by her meddlesome family. But because he's fallen for her....


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The Rancher's Family Thanksgiving


She'll Marry Who She Wants Or Not At All! Susie Carrigan needs help fast! With her family playing matchmaker, she can think of only one man to turn to. Rancher and caring vet Tyler McCabe has always been there for her anytime she needed a broad shoulder to lean on...or a warm body to heat up a cold Texas night. Now he has to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life.

When his best friend asked him to run interference, Tyler didn't think he'd end up putting his own heart on the line. He can't let Susie marry somebody else not when there's a man right here in Laramie who loves her and plans to show her a Thanksgiving neither of them will forget...


Book 3 of 4


Can Best Friends Become Best Lovers? As teenagers, Amy Carrigan and Teddy McCabe made a solemn vow to each other: If they didn't find their soul mates by thirty, they'd start a family...together. Now, with everyone around her having babies, Amy is afraid motherhood will pass her by. That's when the sexy rancher pops the question. If best friends can't help each other out, who can?

Teddy wants the same thing Amy does. Now he's holding her to their promise of long ago. Their wedding stuns everyone in Laramie including the McCabe and Carrigan clans. But no one is more surprised than Teddy and Amy when their close bond deepens into something even more precious. Together, will they ring in the New Year with a baby of their own?


Book 4 of 4


From Head-To-Head

Taylor O'Quinn and Jeremy Carrigan always clashed over hot-button issues. But when they didn't see eye to eye on an important career choice, their cherished friendship ended. Taylor left Texas to pursue a lifelong dream and Jeremy became a respected doctor. Back home for a break from her hectic life as a famed novelist, Taylor runs into Jeremy...and suddenly sees her old friend in a whole new light.

To Heart-To-Heart?

Jeremy has never forgiven Taylor for leaving Laramie. But seeing her again after seven years makes him realize he wants more than the easy camaraderie they used to share. He wants her to be part of his secret dream. As the lady who captures this gentleman rancher's heart...


Cathy Gillen Thacker is the bestselling author of witty romantic comedies and warm, family stories whose books are published in 17 languages and 35 countries.