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Cathy Gillen Thacker
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Cathy's Corner
Tuesday, March 11 2008

Dear Reader,

Is it just me, or has celebrity news gotten way out of control these days?  I suppose it is one thing for the actual stars—who sign up for that kind of fishbowl existence.  But what about the ordinary people around them—like you and me—who inadvertently find themselves in the midst of all the craziness? 

Heroine Taylor O’Quinn is a novelist leading a normal life until the film rights to her first book are sold.  Suddenly, her book is being turned into a movie, and she is asked to write the screenplay.  Happily, she agrees, and there the trouble starts.  The next thing she knows her life is the fodder of tabloids, and none of what they are reporting is true!

Disillusioned, and in need of sanctuary, Taylor heads for Laramie, Texas.  It’s no safer.  Her unrequited love, Jeremy Carrigan, is there.  He’s never forgiven her for deserting him during their med school days.  And he’s never gotten over the secret crush he had for her, either.  Physician, rancher, gentleman to the core-- he decides he will protect her from the forces set on ruining her.  But who will protect them from their hearts?

I hope you have as much fun reading this sexy romp as I did writing it.

Happy reading!

Cathy Gillen Thacker

The Gentleman Rancher
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