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Cathy Gillen Thacker
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Cathy's Corner
Wednesday, April 14 2010

Dear Reader,

Spring is the season of renewal. And what better way to add new energy and excitement to your life than by falling in love and making a lifelong commitment to another person?

At lease that’s the way Jack Gaines’s long-widowed mother feels. Sixtysomething Patrice is engaged to be married. Jack would be happy for her if he believed his mother was truly in love with Dutch.

But something seems missing in their relationship. And Jack, burned by his own matrimonial “mistake,” does not want to see his mother enter into an ill-advised union. She’s had enough heartbreak in her life. As her son, it is his duty to protect her.

Enter Caroline Mayer, wedding planner extraordinaire. Although Caroline has ruled out a happy-ever-after romance for herself, she loves fulfilling the dreams of others by making their wedding the happiest day of all.

Caroline and Jack are at odds from the beginning. He wants to stop the wedding. She wants the nuptials to go off without a hitch. Ehst they don’t expect is to fall in love themselves along the way…

I hope you all enjoy winter’s end and experience a little spring fever and a lot of love.  In the meantime…

Happy reading!

Cathy Gillen Thacker

Wanted: One Mommy
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