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Cathy Gillen Thacker
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A McCabe Proposal

In this brand-new McCabe story, Frank McCabe must help his elderly neighbor, Bessie—and that means working with her granddaughter! He’s dealt with Rachel Monroe before, and despite their butting heads, the beautiful attorney entices him. He wants to know the poised blonde with the guarded look in her eye.

Rachel is Bessie’s best hope to get out of legal trouble. The problem? The animosity between the two relatives remains strong. But to save their family ranch, they’ll have to get along. Frank is determined to help repair their strained relationship. And along the way, maybe he can melt Rachel’s defenses enough to show her there’s room in her family for him, too. Will love prevail in Laramie County?

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McCabe's Baby

From Friends to Lovers…to Parents?

Harper Reed wants a baby more than anything, but with no husband in sight she's putting off her plans until she meets Mr. Right. When Matt McCabe walks through the door of her newly opened baby boutique, Harper does a double-take. It's been ten years since the two of them said goodbye to each other after their senior prom. Yet Harper can't stop her heart from beating just a bit faster at the sight of her first love.

Matt McCabe has returned to Laramie as a family practice doctor, and he couldn't be more thrilled to see Harper. They'd always had a powerful connection—one he'd love to rekindle. But can Matt convince Harper to get over their past and open up the possibilities of a future? A future with lots of little McCabes? Matt hopes so!

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A McCabe at Heart

Robin McCabe-Taylor hopes a puppy will help her bond with Molly, the young girl she wants to adopt. But when ex-flame Sam Navarro comes to the rescue with golden retrievers, Robin begins to dream of a family not just with Molly, but with Sam, too.

But is theirs the kind of family Sam wants?

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What Happens in Texas

First comes marriage, then comes love?

The morning after her sister’s Vegas bachelorette party, Jen Baxter wakes up with a splitting headache, wearing a gown she doesn’t recognize—and in the arms of a man she most definitely does: best man Rick Steele! Making matters worse are the matching wedding bands they’re sporting…

It’s not long before Jen and Rick—coworkers who’ve been verbally sparring for months—remember the dare that led them to “I do.” And thanks to the media circus surrounding beauty queen Belle’s upcoming marriage to a Dallas NFL star, the news is already out. Fearing their boss, Texas tycoon Grady McCabe, will not look highly on two of his employees making light of such a serious commitment, Jen and Rick decide to make the marriage look real—in name only…

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Cathy Gillen Thacker is the bestselling author of witty romantic comedies and warm, family stories whose books are published in 17 languages and 35 countries.